1st Workshop of ASPIDI project in Puglia, Italy

ASPIDI   This Thursday, November 26th, at 15:00 (CET), the first workshop of the ASPIDI project (Automatic System Supported by the Population for the Identification of Diseases by Smelling Immunities) will take place. The aim of the first workshop is to present the research objectives, the experimental methods and the first activities in progress at the AQP Monopoli Waste Water Treatment Plant.

   The ASPIDI project was born to give a response to the need of the Puglia Water Authority (as the representative body of all the municipalities belonging to the Optimal Territorial Area) to have systems for monitoring and controlling in real time the odour emissions derived from treatment plants, aims to develop a prototype of a trained electronic nose capable of detecting unpleasant odours and sending the report in real time to a database that will update a web-gis platform that is easily accessible to citizens.

  The ASPIDI project has been admitted to funding from the Innolabs call for proposals in the Puglia region through ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funds. This project responds to the need of the Puglia Water Authority, and counts on the collaboration of the companies T&A - TECHNOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT SrL and Lab Service Analytica, the Puglia Water Authority and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Bari Aldo Moro.

   Attendance at this online workshop is free, although it will obviously be in Italian, but you must register beforehand in order to participate.


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